Internship Opportunity: Operations & Strategy Consultant v Axes Health Group

Axes Health Group is an international healthcare organization specializing in fertility and women’s health focusing on exceptional patient care and innovation since its inception in 2014. With the Czech Republic and Spain facilities, Axes prioritizes strategic partnerships and medical excellence to enhance patient outcomes. Our mission is to help families worldwide achieve the dream of having their baby.

Position Overview:
We are excited to offer a challenging yet rewarding internship position within the Axes Health Group. As an Operations & Strategy Intern, you will work directly under the guidance of our Group Head of Operations & Strategy, contributing to various strategic and operational projects. This role is ideal for a proactive and analytical student eager to gain hands-on experience in healthcare operations and strategic development within the IVF sector.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Process Analysis and Support:
– Assist in creating and updating process maps and workflows for our clinics.
– Help in analyzing existing processes to identify areas for improvement.
2. Research and Innovation:
– Conduct research on the latest trends in IVF, including AI integration.
– Provide insights on innovative practices and technologies that could enhance our operations.
3. Service Design Assistance:
– Participate in market research for new service development.
– Support in designing business and operational models for new services.
4. Project Management:
– Gain experience managing projects to improve service delivery.
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams and external vendors.
5. KPI & Dashboard Design:
– Help craft strategic and operational KPI dashboards.
– Implement the dashboard using data visualization tools.

– Currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Management, or a technical field
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Interest in healthcare, particularly in IVF services.
– Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel and PowerPoint.

Learning Outcomes:
– Practical experience in process mapping and operations management.
– Exposure to the integration of AI and innovative technologies in healthcare.
– Insight into new service design and project management within a healthcare setting.
– Opportunity to work closely with senior management, enhancing professional development.

15 – 25 hours per week
18 000 – 30 000 Kč / month
Combination of presence at our Prague clinic at Nové Butovice, in our group headquarters in Prague na Příkopě, and home office

🌟 Internship Alert! 🌟

Are you a student in Business Administration, Healthcare Management, or a technical field looking for a transformative experience? Join **Axes Health Group** as an **Operations & Strategy Intern** and dive deep into the world of healthcare innovations and strategic operations.

👩‍💻 What You’ll Do:

– Enhance patient care by analyzing and updating operational processes.

– Research cutting-edge trends in IVF and assist in integrating AI technologies.

– Contribute to the design of new services and manage projects that improve service delivery.

🎓 What You’ll Gain:

– Hands-on experience in operations management and process mapping.

– Exposure to AI integration and innovation in healthcare.

– Insights into new service design and direct involvement in project management.

– Valuable mentorship under the Group Head of Operations & Strategy.

💼 Location & Compensation:

– Flexible hours (15-25 per week) with a competitive stipend (18,000 – 30,000 Kč/month).

– Work from our state-of-the-art facilities in Prague, Nové Butovice, headquarters at Prague na Příkopě, or remotely from home.

🌍 About Axes Health Group:

Specializing in fertility and women’s health, we are dedicated to helping families achieve their dreams. Our focus on patient outcomes and medical excellence in our Czech Republic and Spain facilities ensures you’re part of a team that’s making a real difference.

✨ Apply Now:

This is your chance to kickstart your career in a challenging yet rewarding environment. Become a key player in our mission to innovate and excel in the healthcare industry.

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Internship Opportunity:  Operations & Strategy Consultant v Axes Health Group