Project of the Czech Science Foundation: Privately-held Firms with Multiple Owners: The Role of Family and Responsible Ownership

The research team of the Center for Family Business starts to work on the project “Privately-held Firms with Multiple Owners: The Role of Family and Responsible Ownership” funded by the Czech Science Foundation. The project is scheduled for 2017-2019.

In non-listed privately-held firms, co-owners are a social group: multiple (two or more) owners who are aware of, interact with, and influence each other. In spite of the fact that conflicts
between self- and collective interests and recommendations for their resolutions have been a recurring topic in academic literature studies researching this dynamic phenomenon at the level
of firm ownership are rare and anecdotal. With this project we aim to contribute to understanding how attitutes and behaviors of owners in privately-held firms with more owners impact upon their perfomance and how this relation is affected by an other economically important social group of owners – family. Our project results will contribute to a better understanding of corporate governance practices in privately-held companies, i.e. in companies that are non-traded and in which there are no formal governance structures.